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The contact information below is provided for customer service and is intended for information purposes only. Recipients do not wish to receive unsolicited commercial messages.

General Inquires Phone: 416-640-7900
Fax: 416-640-5336
Toll Free: 1-800-667-0892
Books (general & reference) Phone: 416-640-5820 books@uoftbookstore.com
Coursebooks (general) Phone: 416-640-5840 textinfo@uoftbookstore.com
English Texts Phone: 416-640-5820 textinfo@uoftbookstore.com
Medical Books Phone: 416-640-5830
Toll Free: 1-800-387-4420
Book Special Orders Phone: 416-640-5826 specialorders@uoftbookstore.com
University of Toronto Press Books Phone: 416-667-7791 utpbooks@utpress.utoronto.ca
Online Store Phone: 416-640-5817 weborders@uoftbookstore.com
Marketing Phone: 416-640-5828 vhutchinson@uoftbookstore.com
Technology Center Phone: 416-640-5810 gkohut@uoftbookstore.com
Cell Center Phone: 416-640-5805 gkohut@uoftbookstore.com
Clothing & Gifts Phone: 416-640-5835 clothing@uoftbookstore.com
Custom Apparel Phone: 416-640-7900 x5861 customorders@uoftbookstore.com
Custom Orders Phone: 416-640-5819 customorders@uoftbookstore.com
Stationery & Supplies Phone: 416-640-5838 supplies@uoftbookstore.com
Course Packs - Canadian Scholars Press Inc. Phone: 416-929-2774 x25 info@coursepack.ca
Book Launches & Author Events Phone: 416-640-5824 bccurran@uoftbookstore.com
Post Office Phone: 416-640-7900 x5863 postoffice@uoftbookstore.com
Refunds & Buybacks Phone: 416-640-7900 x5850  
Varsity Sports Store Phone: 416-977-8220 varsity@uoftbookstore.com
Mississauga Campus Bookstore Phone: 905-828-5272
Fax: 905-828-5244
UTSC Bookstore (Scarborough Campus) Phone: 416-724-8213
Fax: 416-208-4734
Faculty of Law Bookstore Phone: 416-978-6906  


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