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Theology For Atheists (Web Sales) (Bookpod)

Robinson, Gerald (Bookpod)
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Theology For Atheists (Web Sales) (Bookpod)

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This book is a joyful romp in the fields of the Lord. It opens up the possibility for atheists to join in the celebrations of a religious community; to share in their rituals and devotions without having to adopt their beliefs. Here they can join with other atheists who are already there...and the church needs them because it is the atheists who hold the future of the church and the survival of the planet in their hands. The text creates a common ground for atheists and people of faith - by offering secular explanations for sacred mysteries and miracles, while revering their value as myths. It provides cogent answers to the three Cosmic FAQ’s: Where do we come from? Why are we here? and Where are we going? “It’s the most fun serious work I have ever read” ROBINETTA GAZE, Former Editor, Methuen Educational GERALD ROBINSON, a Toronto Architect, is a Liturgical Consultant and an Adjunct Professor of Theology in the Faculty of Divinity at Trinity College in the University of Toronto.

ISBN 0995021805Binding Glue Binding

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