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Textbook Sell-Back Price Guarantee

Shop with confidence with our new Sell-Back Price Guarantee, now available for select textbooks. Bring us back a qualifying textbook at the end of the term and we will buy it from you for a guaranteed amount. View the eligible titles for the Fall Term and their guaranteed sell-back prices below.*

Can't find your textbook on the guaranteed list? We might still buy it! Use our Sell-Back Price Lookup Tool to see if we're currently buying back that title and what we'll pay you for it.

Guaranteed Titles

TitleISBNGuaranteed Sell-Back Price
Ariew 3E / Modern Philosophy 3E9781624668050$24
Baird 5E / Environmental Chemistry9781429277044$90
Bausch 8E / Norton Anth. Of Short Fiction 8E Shorter Edition9780393937763$32
Bierman 2E / Key Concepts In Geomorphology9781319059804$75
Cesaire / Discourse On Colonialism New Ed9781583670255$6
Dubin 6E / Rapid Interpretation Of EKG's9780912912066$22
Ebrey 3E / Modern East Asia From 1600 - Vol. 29781133606499$57
Eri 3E / Genki 1 Textbook W/Cd Rom9784789017305$23
Ferguson 6E / Norton Anth Of Poetry9780393679021$31
Gluck 4E / Learning and Memory9781319107383$91
Greenblatt 10E / Norton Anth Engl Lit Vol D Romantic Period9780393603057$26
Greenblatt 10E / Norton Anth Engl Lit Vol E Victorian Age9780393603064$23
Grene & Lattimore 3E / Sophocles I: Antigone, Oedipus Rex, Oedipus At Colonus9780226311517$5
Grene 3E / Greek Tragedies Vol 19780226035284$5
Griffiths 3E / Introduction To Quantum Mechanics9781107189638$34
Griffiths 4E / Introduction To Electrodynamics9781108420419$32
Harris 2E / Epidemiology Of Chronic Disease9781284151015$37
Hecht 5E / Optics9780133977226$85
Heine 4E / Cultural Psychology9780393644692$55
Heymann 20E / Control Of Communicable Diseases Manual9780875530185$37
Hobbes (Ed. Curley) / Leviathan9780872201774$7
Hogg 10E / Probability And Statistical Inference9780135189399$97
Homer / Essential Homer Trans: Lombardo9780872205406$8
Johnson 3E / Archaeological Theory: An Introduction9781118475027$18
Kellstedt 3E / Fundamentals Of Political Science Research9781316642672$25
Knox / Oxford Anthology Of Roman Literature9780195395167$15
Lopez 4E / Positive Psychology9781506357355$56
Mano 5E / Logic And Computer Design Fundamentals9780133760637$91
Nietzsche / On The Genealogy Of Morality (Trans: Clark)9780872202832$7
Nordell 3E / Animal Behavior9780190924232$48
Nye 2E / Religion: The Basics9780415449489$11
Parke 3E / Social Development9781119498056$31
Plato / Republic (Intro By Reeve)9780872207363$6
Pough 10E / Vertebrate Life9781605356075$67
Purves 6E / Neuroscience9781605353807$71
Sedivy 2E / Language In Mind: An Introduction To Psycholinguistics9781605357058$59
Sellers 4E / Practice Of Creative Writing9781319215958$40
Spence 3E / Search For Modern China9780393934519$29
Truskey 2E / Transport Phenomena In Biological Systems9780131569881$91
Wolfe 6E / Sensation And Perception 6E9781605359724$78

*Textbook must be in good condition to be eligible for the guaranteed sell-back price.


A guaranteed sell-back price is the minimum amount we will pay you if you sell your textbook back to us at the end of your course. You can shop with confidence knowing that if you take good care of your textbook, we'll buy it back from you for that guaranteed amount or more.

No. Guaranteed sell-back prices are only available for select textbooks. Since this is a new program, we are testing it out with just 10 titles for the Spring/Summer 2021 term. You can view the list of eligible titles on this page.  If you're shopping for your books online, you can also see if a textbook has a guaranteed sell-back price in the product description. These titles will be identified with signs if you're shopping in-store.

Yes! While we cannot guarantee sell-back prices for any textbooks that are not part of this program, you can still sell other books back to us. At the end of your course, you can use the "Sell My Textbooks" tool on our website to find out whether we are buying back your particular book and what amount we will pay you for it.

The main difference between selling us a book with a guaranteed sell-back price vs. a normal textbook is that with guaranteed sell-back prices, you can find out what we'll buy your book back for BEFORE you even purchase it, instead of finding out at the time you're selling it. This allows you to shop with extra confidence.

No. We do not buy back any digital materials.

If you're interested in selling a textbook head to our Sell Textbooks page to let us know!

We require you to bring a debit card, government-issued photo ID, and the eligible book that you are selling.

No, you do not need to bring a receipt in order to sell us your textbook.

No. We do not accept loose-leaf versions of textbooks, even if our system gives you a quote. We only accept bound textbooks.

Yes, the Bookstore can refuse to buy back your book at their discretion. Most importantly, the book must be in University of Toronto Bookstore Standard condition. University of Toronto Bookstore Standard condition will be judged by the Bookstore alone, and generally means that the book spine is intact, there is no excessive damage to cover or contents, all original pages are intact, all original components are present, and that there is no excessive highlighting, writing or other markings. Normal use of highlighting and writing is permitted.